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      hello erery one,i called jane,i am born in 1995,I'm verygald to know everybodyhere.I'm a new member here,so there must be a lot of things that I don't know.If you can help me ,I will be very happy.I think I will be your goodcolleague soon.

      people often said me is a easy-going girl,so i hope i can made many friend in this class,i think friend can help each other,and can share happness and sorrow,so if you have a friend,you shold be patient and more honest.for myself,i like surf the internet ,becouse study it is too hardly and boring,so it can make me to relax,i also enjoy listen to music,especially classcial music,i am relly like realing,it can get me more and more smart.In my spare time, I like to read novels. I think reading could enlargemy knowledgein the future,i will try mybest to do erery thing,so i can not hate all touble ,i will thank for it ,it is can help me grow up errly.that is all ,thank you for your invttention


      Hello! My name is Chen Danqing. My English name is Joy. I'm 14 years old. I'm a happy girl. I have a happy family. My father and my mother are both officeworkers. They're busy. But at weekends, they always cook nice food for me. I'mhappy in the family. I love my parents and they love me very much.I'm a student at Dongzhou Middle School. It is very big and beautiful.There are many classroom buildings and office buildings. Besides the buildings,there is a big playground. After school, there are lots of boys playingbasketball on it. I think they are happy. There are a lot of flowers and trees。in my school. They are beautiful. I like my school. In my school, I have manyfriends. All my friends are polite and helpful. My friends are all nice to me.They can make me happy. So I like playing with them.


      I have a round face, a pair of black eyes, short hair. I am 12 years old this year, not smaller, right? Away from the total but also of the childish face. I love that愛看書. Speaking of reading, I do still have a little story! On that day, I saw one of my classmates bought a “stray苦兒” in this book I have yearned for a long time, but my father has not agreed to my request. I have a strong self-esteem, from small to large almost no others begged off, this time, I had to, he had no choice but to borrow.Who knows, he said that could be, available with the use of animals and the exchange of books, I have to book to him and to those of the “stray苦兒mind.” I love out the shortcomings of the “Golden Peas.” Well, you can not laugh, that is what I love miles! Custody of pets die, cry! Bullied by classmates, cry! Examination not to cry! Reading to see the touching, the nose of a acid and down two rows of the “big pearl.” However, I do not feel the slightest embarrassment, an ancient saying goes: “When the laugh is to laugh, then cry when the tears, there is no need to hide.” I do not love to say, on a number of sports. Sports performance natural bad. Third year, the softball throw 45 meters of the top days, 70 hours had not been achieved. However, this shortcoming, I would like to change the future. I not only cry love to laugh, love reading love paper cutting, but also love to make friends. I am willing to pay you a friend?




      大家上午/中午/下午/晚上好(鞠躬,朝向順序以數量多的團體為先); 我叫天目湖:天堂的“天”,過目不忘的“目”,湖光山色的“湖”; 我來自江蘇溧陽,漢族,(性別肯定顯而易見)







      自我描述形容詞 able 有才干的,能干的 active 主動的,活躍的 adaptable適應性強的' adroit靈巧的,機敏的 aggressive有進取心的 ambitious有雄心壯志的 dutiful盡職的 knowledgeable有見識的,知識豐富的 dynamic精力充沛的 logical邏輯性強的 earnest認真的,熱心的 loyal忠心耿耿的 well-educated受過良好教育的 methodical有方法的 efficient有效率的 modest謙虛的 energetic精力充沛的 motivated目的明確的 enthusiastic充滿熱情的 objective客觀的 amiable和藹可親的 amicable友好的

      analytical善于分析的 apprehensive有理解力的 aspiring有志氣的,有抱負的 capable有能力的,有才能的 careful仔細的,認真的 candid正直的 charitable寬厚的 competent能勝任的 confident有信心的

      conscientious認真的自覺的,盡職的considerate考慮周到的 constructive建設性的 contemplative好沉思的 cooperative有合作精神的 creative富創造力的

      dashing活躍的,有拼搏精神的 dedicated有奉獻精神的 devoted投入的 dependable可靠的 disciplined守紀律的 expressivity善于表達 faithful守信的,忠誠的 forceful(性格)堅強的 frank直率的,真誠的 friendly友好的 frugal儉樸的 generous寬宏大量的 gentle有禮貌的 hard-working勤勞的 honest誠實的 hospitable殷勤的,好客的 humorous有幽默感的 impartial公正的 independent有主見的 industrious勤奮的 ingenious有獨創性的 have an inquiring mind愛動腦筋 intellective智商高的 intelligent聰明的 inventive有發明才能,有創造力的 just正直的 kind-hearted好心的 open-minded開明的,虛心的 orderly守紀律的 practical實際的,有實踐經驗的 precise一絲不茍的 persevering不屈不撓的 punctual守時的 qualified合格的 rational有理性的 realistic實事求是的 reasonable講道理的 reliable可信賴的 responsible負責的 self-conscious自覺的 selfless無私的 sensible明白事理的 sincere真誠的

      smart精明的,聰明的 spirited生氣勃勃的 straightforward坦率的 strong-wined意志堅強的 sweet-tempered性情溫和的 temperate穩健的

      相關譯名 education教育

      educational background教育程度 educational history'學歷 curriculum課程 major主修 minor輔修

      excellent leader優秀干部 student council學生會 academic year學年 semester學期(美) term學期(英) president校長

      vice-president副校長 vice-monitor副班長

      commissary in charge of study學習委員

      commissary in charge of entertainment文娛委員 commissary in charge of sports體育委員

      commissary in charge of physical labor勞動委員 Party branch secretary黨支部書記 League branch secretary團支部書記

      educational highlights課程重點部分 curriculum included課程包括 specialized courses專門課程 courses taken所學課程 courses completed所學課程 special training特別訓練 off-ob training脫產培訓 in-ob training在職培訓 social practice社會實踐 part-time jobs業余工作 summer jobs暑期工作 vacation jobs假期工作 refresher course進修課程

      extracurricular activities體育活動 recreational activities娛樂活動 academic activities學術活動 social activities社會活動 rewards獎勵


      moral, academic and physical excellence of academic year三好學生

      excellent League member優秀團員 academic dean教務員

      department chairman系主任 professor教授

      associate professor副教授 guest professor客座教授 lecturer講師

      teaching assistant助教 research fellow研究員

      research assistant助理研究員 supervisor論文導師

      probation teacher代課教師 tutor家庭教師

      intelligence quotient智商 pass及格 fail不及格 marks分數 grades分數 scores分數

      examination考試 grade年級 class班級

      monitor班長 commissary in chare of organization組織委員 commissary in charge of publicity宣傳委員 degree學位

      post doctor博士后 doctor(Ph.D) 博士 master碩士 bachelor學士

      gradate student研究生 abroad student留學生

      returned student回國留學生 foreign student外國留學生 undergraduate大學肄業生 senior大學四年級學生 junior大學三年級學生

      sophomore大學二年級學生 freshman大學一年級學生 guest student. 旁聽生(英) auditor旁聽生(美)

      government-supported student公費生

      commoner自費生 extern走讀生



      prize fellow獎學金生 graduate畢業生

      excellent graduate優秀畢業生

      graduation thesis /senior design project畢業設計

      transcript成績單 objective求職意向

      CV(Curriculum Vita) 簡歷 cover Letter求職信 Resume簡歷 citizenship國籍


      Specialized English專業外語 College Physics大學物理 Principle of Marxist Philosophy(Epistemology馬克思主義哲學原理(認識論)

      Physical Education體育

      Cultivation of Ideological Morality思想品德修養

      Education of Situation and Policy形勢政策教育

      Military Theory軍事理論

      Political Economics政治經濟學 Advanced Mathematics高等數學 Probability and Mathematical Statistics概率論與數理統計

      Basics of Computer Applications計算機應用基礎

      Introduction to Database數據庫概論

      College English大學英語

      The University Language and Literature大學語文


      My specialty is running. I can run first in every running competition organized in my class. My hobby is reading books. The books I have read include the story of 100 famous people,the story of diligent study,the story of idioms,the story of fairy tales,etc. I learned a lot from it.

      Love to learn and answer questions in class is my advantage. I can finish the homework assigned by the teacher on time. In class,I seriously think about the questions. Teachers and students can always hear me answering questions.

      Carelessness is my weakness. In school,when I was dictating in class,my bad habits showed up. At home,sometimes there are careless problems.

      I said to myself,“come on!In the future,we should get rid of the bad habit of carelessness. ”


      My name is .My Chinese name is xxx . I am very glad to join you in this class.

      I just graduated from senior high school. I like Britain very much, so if I could study in Britain one day, I would be very happy. But my English is not very good now. So I’d like to improve my English in this class. And very glad to see our teacher Mr/Mrs .

      Thank you.

      Hello everybody. My name is Stone. I come from Guangdong province in China.I am very happy to come here to study with I arrived at this school three days ago, I fell in love with is so beautiful and exciting here, and everyone is kind to me especially class feels just like one big family to me.I’m interested in sports, music and mountain climbing.I also enjoy playing soccer. I would love to play with you sometime.I hope I can become your friend soon. Thank you very much.

      my name is ... i was 19 years old.i am a senior high school student.i am good at surfing online.my hobby is widespread,such as reading,listening to music, playing basketball.i am young,bright,energetic with strong study-ambition.i have good presentation skills and positive active mind essential.my future is to be a teacher.i hope i can make more children acquire knowledge 。



      my name is peter. i am six years old. i am from taiwan.

      many people ask me about my chinese name because they think the meaning ofit is very interesting. but i hope my friends can remember my english namerather than my chinese one. my hobby is playing basketball.

      i usually play it with my friends after school, and i believe playingbasketball will ping me good health. i am a talkative person.

      it is very difficult for me to keep quiet. now i am studying in english, soi hope everyon


      My name is ... I was 1x years old.I am a senior high school student.I am good at surfing online.My hobby is widespread,such as reading,listening to music, playing basketball.I am young,bright,energetic with strong study-ambition.I have good presentation skills and positive active mind essential.My future is to be a teacher.I hope I can make more children acquire knowledge




      Tout le monde bon, jappelle XXX, le mle, 2 , linstitut de grands 4 étudiants de langues étrangères, étudie cette année suis des écialités anglaises, 2 Franais dextérieur, par langlais écialisé 6 niveaux, bientt après diplmé dannée obtiendrai la licence, est honoré aujourdhui pour pouvoir beaucoup participer à cette heure dinterviewer, jaurai la confiance, donc pourrai certainement avoir la bonne apparence, remercierai de moi cette occasion.


      1、不知從何說起。有很多同學當聽到老師問:“can you make a self-introduction?”時,首先遲疑幾秒,然后怔怔的看著:“老師說什么呀?”這一類算是“無準備型”。自我介紹是你與人打交道,參加各類口語考試,職場面試不可或缺的一部分,同時也是非常重要的一部分。作為口語測試,測試的老師其實重點考查的是你運用語言的能力,而不是對你的背景的了解。所以想把口語學好的同學不妨大膽的秀一下。




      Good afternoonsir/madam,

      I am candidate No. 1. It is my great honor to attend the interview for the nursing for giving me this opportunity.

      Combined with the characteristics of post development, through self-analysis, I have the following five advantages;

      First, I have solid professional 7 years of undergraduate and postgraduate study experience has given me a solid theoretical foundation, and I have won many scholarships during my undergraduate and postgraduate have worked as a clinical nurse in Kunming First People's Hospital, Guandu Baishou Nursing home and Kunming First Affiliated believe these experiences can lay a solid foundation for my future clinical work.

      Secondly, I have the ability to organize, communicate with others and teamwork my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I have been qualified for the class committee. During this process, I have been able to serve students enthusiastically and actively cooperate with teachers to complete various work the future work, I can better obey the arrangement of the superior, and better deal with the relationship with others;

      Thirdly, I can have a good command of basic computer have obtained the National Computer Rank Examination Level ii certificate.

      Fourth, I have certain scientific research my postgraduate period, I published more than 10 articles, 6 of which were published as the first have participated in 4 research projects and presided over 1 research project.

      Fifthly, I have the ability of writing and the experience of speech my undergraduate and postgraduate years, I have achieved good results in many essay writing competitions, speech and lecture , I have also obtained the Certificate of Mandarin, the Certificate of CET-4 and CET-6, the Certificate of Yunnan Red Cross As an Emergency ambulance Teacher, and the Nurse Practice Certificate.

      My qualifications and work experience make me a suitable candidate for the position. I look forward to working with your organization, exploring new dimensions, and further developing my knowledge and believe that theskills, and experience that I bring will result in a mutually beneficial relationship.

      Thank you for listening!


      Good morning, my name is jack, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interviepany in September.

      Noe big factories and companies. Through these I have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. Compared to developed countries, unfortunately, although y can keep the grobine practice etimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx. during university, i spent most of my time on study so that i have passed cet4/6 . and acquired basic knopany as a technical support engineer in qingdao.because i''m capable of more responsibilities, so i decided to change my job. and in august 20xx,i left qingdao to beijing and ation softpany, so i feel i can gain the most from pany ennvironment. that is the reason e here to compete for this position. (research experience and academic activity)

      I think i''m a good team player and i''m a person of great honesty to others. also i am able to work under great pressure.

      That''s all. thank you for giving me the chance.



      Hello !

      My name is Yixuan ! My English name is Mary !

      My favorite food are fish and rice . Because they're healthy!

      My favorite subject are English and music .Because they're very interesting ,But i don't like math .

      Because it's very boring ! Ilike my English teacher , Because she is funning ! Do you like me ?


      It is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview,

      I hope i can make a good performance today. I'm confident that I can succeed.

      Now i will introduce myself briefly

      I am 26 years old,born in shandong province .

      I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.

      I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

      In July 20xx, I began work for a small private company as a technical support engineer in QingDaocity.Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.

      And in August 2004,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.

      I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.

      That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.


      hello,everyone.i am so glad to stand here.first of all,i will introduce myself.my name isxxx,i amxxxyears old this year.i have many hobbies,such as:reading.dancing.writing and so on.also i like english very much.i think english is very useful for us,because many many people in the world can speak english,if i learn it well,i can talk with them and make friends with them.

      Besides these,i also like doing some exercises.doing exercises can make us healthier.health is so important for us,we can not doing anything without a good health.so,we can do exercises togher in the future.i also like help others,when you are in trouble,i will do anything that i can.of course,i hope you my classmates can help me too.at the last,i wish we can become good friends and everybody can get a good result at the end.thank you!


      from a middle class family, i was born in hsin ying, tainan on october 10th, xxxx. my father is a civil official at tainan city government. my mother is a house wife good at cooking. although i am the only child of my parents, i am by no mans a spoiled one. on the contrary, i have been expected to be a successful man with advanced education. i study hard at school. besides texts knowledge, journalism is my favorite; whenever reading, my heart is filled with great joy and interesting.

      “being good is must; successful, however, is plus.” father adopts the idea of his father. especially in military service, i realized it more precisely. people said: military service makes a boy to man, i agree that.

      i realized the importance of english and began to study diligently when i was eighteen. i did not start in my early age, but i hope that i could pass the test of general english proficiency test. and this is my best wish at the moment.

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