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      第一篇:英語作文 我的愛好

      hello, everyone! my name is. i’m happy to take part in this competition. the title of my speech is ‘my hobby’.

      everyone has different hobbies. some people like traveling. they think it can make them enjoy their holidays and many different life styles. others like watching films. because it can make them happy. i have a lot of hobbies. and my favorite hobby is reading books.

      first, reading books is fun. it’s just like another kind of traveling. it can make me learn more about the world.

      next, reading books is useful. if you read enough books, your chinese will get better and better. i always read books after i finish doing my homework. by reading i can learn many things.

      but, some people say that reading books is out of date. this is not true. for example, i have to read something about how to use a computer. the better i read, the better my computer skills will be. so reading books is never out of date.

      i love reading. i have great fun in reading.

      that’s all. thank you.


      i have many hobbies.i like to do many things.let me share a few.i like (敬請期待好文網更好文章www.lindseymysse.com)video games.computer games are cool,too.i could play them all day.i like collecting cards.i play games with them.i trade them with my friends.

      also,i like sports.i like being outdoors.i love fresh air and sunshine.bike riding is fun.rollerblading is neat.swimming is my favorite.in addition,i like to draw pictures.i like to read comics.but please don't tell my parents.

      furthermore, i like music.i like to sing songs.i'm learning to play an instrument.of course, i enjoy learning english.i like speaking with foreigners.i love watching disney cartoons.there is more i like to do.there is more i can say.i'll save it for another day.

      第三篇:my hobby 我的愛好 英語作文

      my hobby

      everyone has his own hobby , it may give him a lot of happiness. my hobby is listening to music .

      when i was a child i enjoy listening to music especially the cartoon music ,though i'm not good at it, i often lose myself in it. when i am in trouble , music can make me calm down. when i am very tired , it can make me comfortable . when i am angry with something , it aslo can make me happy again. listening to music keeps me in a good mood and it's good for my health.

      do you like listening to music? if not, i hope you can have a try,you will find it so good.

      my hobby

      i enjoy reading books very much, because there are lots of interesting things in them.two years ago, i didn't like reading very much. i had plenty of time, but i spent lots of time on playing with computers. when i was very young, i didn't think reading book was interesting, because i found nothing more interesting than the computer games.

      i've changed now. i enjoy reading novels, because there're lots of interesting stories. i love to read harry potter. that's a good novel. i know that it is one of the best-sellers in england. i'm always lose myself in the interesting stories.

      第四篇:高中英語 我的愛好-myhobbies作文素材


      my hobbies i have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the violin and keeping a diary.

      in school, i often hear the p.e. teacher say, sports do good to one's health, and will make one live longer. so, i like sports very much. i go running at five o'clock in the morning, and after classes in the afternoon. i play pingpong with my friends. these sports have kept me healthy. at home, i like to sing and play the violin. i hope i will be a singer and a violinist① when i grow up. in order to attain these goals②,i go to the teacher's home for a lesson every saturday, and practise singing and playing the violin every day. busy as i am, i am quite happy. of all my hobbies i like reading books best. in my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. there are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. when i grow up, i will serve the people with the knowledge i have learned from them.








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