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      Hello, everyone! It’s my great honor to make a speech today. First, please allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am a student from Zhejiang province. The topic of my speech is “protecting the blue planet”.

      We have only one earth,- the blue planet. There are everything that adults and children are suitable to live. That is the same meaning of human’s home. Therefore, our children’s future depended on our action. However, we are facing many problems nowadays. For example, environment pollution, climate change and reduction of resources. It’s significant to know how to protect our world.

      To begin with, we should understand the problem of environment pollution is more and more serious all around the world. With the development of industry and agriculture, cars make great noises and give off poisonous gas. Waste water is being poured continuously by some industries. What‘s worse, people are cutting down increasing number of trees which is used to make oil. What we can do first is to enhance our consciousness with strengthens.

      Second, in order to save our resources, such as trees, electricity and water. We can see saving the resources as our duty. In our daily life, we could use cloth bags rather than plastic bags. Also, reducing the frequency of using the disposable products even rejecting. When it comes to save water, we can turn off the tap whenever we see. To governments or sections of organizations, we should create some policies and implement them when we faced with a global threat. Let’s do an experiment, if you carry out my suggestion a week or a month, you will become more enjoyable and meaningful. And the company will become one of the sustainable enterprises.

      Last but not the least, the epidemic of covid-19 was outbreak unconsciously, we have no choice, but to unite, and do it fast. Under the circumstances, some countries choosed not to cooperation. I must say, it was an incredibly shortsighted approach. Though covid-19 is exposed first in China, it didn’t mean we are the only one origin of this disease. As the disease found, China governments at all levels have taken the protecting work priority. By sharing the vaccines and medicines in time, the condition of covid-19 turned well among our country. On one hand, our government carried the pleasure from the world. On the other hand, our people were facing the fear. It’s unfair to criticize China. In my view, we should transform the world in one generation to a conscious, listening world- a world of connection, a world of understanding and a world of peace.

      Just like the Martin Luther King “I have a dream”, I hope our world can create better environment and biodiversity within my lifetime. Wishing hear the voice of youngers and refugees and see their smile because there were no wars in the near future. To think beyond national borders and nationalities. I do willing to protect our earth via my a bit power.

      All in all, there is no doubt that we should take measures right now to protect our earth, which is also can be called our forever home. So, what are we waiting for?

      Thank you for listening!

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